Protech Stampings Pvt. Ltd. has developed core competence in the sheet metal pressed components, engineered as per customer’s specification and requirements. The company also undertakes assembly work of various components of automobiles or diesel engines.

(1) Automotive Pressed Parts

(2) Automotive Pressed Parts and Sub-assembly

  • Assembly nut plate for door sliding glass
  • Assembly Reinforcement Rear for door sliding glass
  • Retainer for nut plate for door sliding glass
  • Assembly Reinforcement Front for door sliding glass
  • Assembly top Brackets Roof front

(3) Assembly and Pressed Part for Diesel engines

  • Lever for belt tension
  • Radiator fans of various sizes
  • Ratchet Assembly for speed control.
  • Breather Assembly
  • Suction tube Assembly
  • Inspection cover
  • Breather and Rocker box cover Assembly
  • Water inlet connection
  • Delivery connection
  • Plain washers
  • Stiffener and ‘U’ studs for engine packing boxes

(4) Automotive Exhaust System Components

(5) Newly Developed Components For BS-VI